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July 6-11 in Chicago, Ill. Click here for more information!oce page.

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My Philosophy of AMT ~ Nancy Gabl, MS, RMA, AHI

Education is not only about learning information in a book, but also about applying it in real life with purposefulness. As a professor in higher education my philosophy is to provide a comfortable learning environment in order to expand the student's horizons and show them that through education they will envision a whole new world. Education is about opportunity, confidence building and creativity.



American Medical Technologists (AMT) is also about education. Every member can express their ideas, thoughtfully and respectfully in their state societies and at the national meeting, which promotes a rainbow of uniqueness, individuality, professionalism and the hope of a better future. We are always in a web of continuous learning at our seminars whenever we are together as members or when we are welcoming students and guests. Reenergized and renewed members of a variety of disciplines, together with the excitement of new graduates of certification exams, allows a sharing of ideas and knowledge that light up the future with amazing new insights to old and new issues and developments. This diversity is what makes AMT continue to evolve and enables us to be one of the leading certifying agencies in the industry.

With healthcare reform and advances in technology changing rapidly, active participation on the AMT board as a RMA and an AHI allows me the opportunity to bring topics and concerns to the table that affect the palpable and accountable roles of the medical assistants and other disciplines. Ever-changing workflow and patient care concerns are in the forefront, as we tackle Meaningful Use, ICD -10 and Electronic Medical Records. This has, and will continue to have, a big impact on the future of our RMA's and other allied healthcare professionals as the demands continue to flourish in the healthcare arena.


My role as a board member for AMT is to speak for all members. My work experience and my passion for AMT will allow me to move our organization in a forward direction and to continuously strive to work on the vision of the organization; "AMT will be acknowledged and recognized by the world as truly being THE premier certification and membership organization for allied health professionals, particularly those in the professions of medical technology, phlebotomy, medical assisting, dental assisting and medical office administration."



Dear Members, Students and Guests,

Chicago! Chicago! Let me show you around…


It is the weekend of July 4th, you have checked into the famous Drake Hotel in Chicago. It is warm and sunny and you are getting ready to go see the sparkling fireworks at Grant Park as you watch the sun set off in the distance. You have already unpacked for the following week of events for the 75th American Medical Technologists (AMT) Educational Program and National Meeting. You have mapped out the program of festivities, education and meetings and you know what you will be attending and what free time you will have. You have been dreaming for months of the Cubs (or White Sox or both!), hot-dogs, famous mouthwatering Chicago pizza, shopping sprees on the magnificent mile and a luxury hotel room to relax in at night or a spa to reenergize you for ongoing adventures. You may want to visit a museum, such as the Science and Industry or the Planetarium. Maybe you will take some time to go to Navy Pier or ride a boat on the Chicago River. Scenic views of Lake Michigan and the historical Buckingham Fountain will allow you the opportunity for great photographs, especially on a warm balmy evening. Famous boat cruises will be available and allow for memorable music, scrumptious food and the scenic view of Lake Michigan and a romantic skyline of the city at night.


Another event will include the Taste of Chicago located in Grant Park. Festival and food lovers your dream will come true starting on July 9th! All you will need to do is walk a few blocks from the hotel and voila’…  delectable Greek, Italian, Asian, American, French, African, Indian and Irish cuisines and more will be available to taste and savor as you visit during the Taste and also attend the concerts at the Petrillo Music Shell right in the park. The crowds will be plentiful.

On the educational side, there is plenty to do. If you are a student, apply for a writing contest and win money or submit an application for a scholarship, then come to the awards banquet in the Grand Ballroom of the Drake and wait for your name to be announced as one of the winners.  Participate in the Student Bowl and compete against students from other states and schools for other awards. Show everyone you are ready for certification and that your school is number one! 


Continuing education programs will be plentiful on a variety of topics that will meet the needs of the different disciplines that enjoy the diversity of AMT.


If you are an inactive member, it is time to come back and join in on keeping up on the newest technical advances and policy changes. While you network with others who are top in their field, you will become reenergized and passionate about your career again. This will allow you to return home with new-spirited expectations and find the job of your dreams or be motivated at work again. You also will look back and remember with fondness the new friends you made while on your excursion.

As current members return, this year they will celebrate the 75-year anniversary and their enthusiasm and anticipation of the National event will be palpable. They will be in the lobby waiting and watching for their friends to appear and to greet the newcomers. They know that after every yearly event not only have they increased their medical knowledge, but the educational opportunities have contributed to growth in their leadership abilities and taught them the value of true camaraderie and long lasting friendships. They know new memories will unfold and be added to fond remembrances of national meetings from the past in the scrapbooks of their mind. As they greet newcomers, intuitively they will be recalling their first meeting and will warmly welcome first time attendees. AMT, known for their hospitality, will make you feel welcome not only the first day but the entire week as well!


Regardless of the reasons you will be attending the 75th AMT Educational Program and National Meeting, there will be plenty to do. I am looking forward to seeing a lot of Illinois state members and students there. Please feel free to give me a call and I will be glad to meet you at the door and show you around Chicago!


ISSAMT President and Editor
AMT National Publications Chair



Click here to visit the AMT Meetings & Events Page. If you would like to make reservations for the Drake Hotel in Chicago for the 75th AMT Convention, click here for their online reservation page or call 312.787.2200.




Diane Powell, CMP, the women who organizes the convention. Click here for further details!




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